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Candle wax is fat.

Innovating for a better product, we found a need in the market place for an honest candle wax. Using three healthy raw materials that are sustainable and renewable, FC wax is a proprietary organic coconut wax manufactured in house.

Coconut oil offers grade fatty acids. These medium-chain triglycerides act as a protective host for the essential oils in our candles. Working with 100% EO, it's crucial that our wax's heat tolerance does not burn the precious plant aromatics. 

Stearic acid is a rigid saturated fatty acid with a hefty 18 carbon chain. Sourced from vegetable fat, this compound assists in the duration of our candle's burn time. 

Beeswax is the harmonious fatty acid that stabilizes and supports candle in maintaining solidity. We work with Canadian Apiaries that charcoal filter their wax. This unique and non toxic process strips the amber colour from the beeswax, giving us a dreamy ivory white tone.

This is our transparency in balancing aromatherapy + ecology. Hand poured locally..