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no.10 cinnamon


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|  organic coconut wax aromatherapy candle  |


PLANT NAME cinnamomum

ORIGIN sri lanka

AROMA warming spice

Step into your power. Notes of spice and smoke, allowing you to warm up your solar plexus chakra and take bold action.



  • Proprietary organic coconut wax
  • 100% essential oil extracted through steam distillation of fresh flowering tops and young twigs
  • 100% cotton wick

Our candles are crafted with intention and respect for the natural environment. We work in harmony with nature, sustainably sourcing our raw organic ingredients from the earth while supporting the principles of permaculture. As such, there is no need for synthetic materials in our products. We are proud to say that our candles are petroleum-free, soy-free, lead-free, cruelty-free, and non-GMO. They are packaged with recyclable and compostable materials.