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Our Story -

Come for the white. Stay for the green.


Candles provide consistent rituals of light. Appearing in the backdrop of our most treasured memories and close up in our quietest moments of peace, they can represent a deep nostalgia or invite you to just be.

 Aromatherapy candles are an investment in our mental and physiological health. But not all candles are created equal. Even in an increasingly eco-conscious industry, greenwashing has become somewhat of a norm, leaving a saturated market of so-called “natural” candles. Fenwick believes in making natural and ethical candles accessible. 


Our organic coconut wax candles are handcrafted with intentionality. We consider the impact of every ingredient—on human health, and on the health of the planet.

With an academic background in fine art and a passion for environmentalism, founder Trish Fenwick began hand-pouring candles in her downtown Toronto apartment in the early 2010s. What began as an artful means of expression grew into a scientific endeavor. 

Trish was looking to create a natural candle that did not exist in the market: one with zero synthetics. Her research relied on relentless experimenting with a variety of not-so-natural versus natural chemicals and fats. She wanted to find non-toxic, sustainable, plant-based materials, and create a candle that fully supported ethical forestry and agricultural consumption. 

This meant a) excluding fragrance and b) reverse engineering what manmade candle wax really was. Inevitably her clean and natural wax was born out of  three core ingredients. This harmonious trio was truly sustainable with respect to ethical agricultural consumption and permaculture footprint. Once a passion project, today Fenwick Candles ships nationwide, operated by Trish years later out of her lush country property in Bloomfield, Ontario.

The three foundational ingredients have not changed since Fenwick Candles launched in 2015. 


Fenwick’s mission is to provide families with Canadian-made candles that not only bring light and warmth into their homes, but contribute to supporting regenerative soil growth in our global farming communities. We accomplish this by working exclusively with certified and ethically transparent growers. 

No small detail is overlooked.

Fenwick Candles are easily recognizable by the simplicity of their design: pure ivory wax, recyclable stout glass jars, and elegant minimalist drawings lifted straight from Trish’s sketchbook.

Today, FC’s distinctive natural candles have developed a cult following amongst the wellness and sustainable living collective in Canada. 


We have grown consistently due to our emphasis on eternal sacred truths: rhythms in nature, the beauty of the rural Canadian landscape, and the power of ethical transparency.


 While our candles are known for their unique white tone, their beauty is far more than surface-level. Each of our products is organic, RSPO, non-GMO, petroleum-free, synthetic-free, soy-free, cruelty-free, and safe for those with scent sensitivities. 

We bring the wonders of nature right to your living space. Consider it a “forest-to-table” phenomenon. We encourage you to strike a match, light a candle,  and allow the interplay of light and shadow to help you step into your highest potential.