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Coconut is the only known living species of its genus, Cocos, and a member of the palm tree family. In holistic health, coconut is often spoken of with particular reverence—but why exactly is there so much to admire about this fruit, and the trees that bear it?
The answer is simple. The coconut tree appears to have evolved for longevity and versatility, making it an ideal natural resource. One coconut tree can bear fruit for up to 60 years, and its fruit can be harvested perennially without the need for deforestation.
All manmade waxes must begin with an oil. We have chosen coconut as the base ingredient in our wax in order to support ecological and renewable resources, partnering with Mother Nature to create a balanced and sustainable product.
Through the use of coconut wax, we respect the natural development of biodiversity and ensure sustainability over the long term. We are able to craft our candles without supporting clear cutting, GMO planting, or endangering native rainforest species.