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Fenwick Candle Wax

We Make Our Organic Coconut Wax!  

From the beginning, we knew we wanted to subvert expectations about the candle industry, blending tradition with progress. The conventional candle industry was, by and large, profit-driven, unconcerned or simply uneducated about the holistic health of its consumers and environmental footprint. Our approach has always been different.
 We experimented with a variety of natural candle ingredients' in our process of innovation, eventually developing a blend of three honest, all-natural and organic raw materials. We are proud to say that our clean candles are 100% sustainable and renewable.


Organic coconut oil being scooped with a wooden spoon.

Coconut Oil.

Essential oils are sensitive to heat, which can be a problem when you’re designing a candle with a long burn time. Fortunately, the fatty triglycerides found in coconut oil protect the essential oils in our candles and prevent them from getting burnt out.








Stearic, white beaded hard wax being poured from a jug into a bag.  Stearic.

This chemical compound is a highly popular ingredient in candle making and baking. It can be derived from many sources, however not are all ethical. We source our stearic from vegetable fat. This useful chemical compound is the key reason why our candles have a long burn time. Working in tandem with our other materials as a supportive and flexible host, our stearic allows us to boast our impressive burn times.



White beeswax from Canadian bees.


 Known as cera alba, this harmonious natural wax is made from honey bees themselves.  Chemically, beeswax consists mainly of esters of fatty acids and various long-chain alcohols. This is our stabilizing force, giving our candles their solid and durable texture. What’s more, we only work with select Canadian Apiaries that honour sustainable practices to encourage and protect their bees. We opt for their charcoal filtered wax - This non-toxic process strips the famous amber from the beeswax, leaving it with the characteristic dreamy ivory tone of our candles.


 FC Wax is a proprietary organic coconut wax manufactured in house. We support small growers and farmers who advocate sustainable cultivation techniques. Each candle is hand crafted with intention and love nestled in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.



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